Thursday, June 15, 2006


A Love that Dares Not Speak Its Name

I was busy Wednesday, celebrating Flag Day as I always do, and I very nearly missed this item on page C3 of the New York Times: 2 Utilities to Pay Enron $50 Million in Settlement: Energy Was Bought, but Never Delivered. I thought it belonged in the Relationships section of People magazine. It's got all the elements of a passionate love story: the rich and powerful who are powerless in their love for each other and can only show their feelings in secret ways.

It's really sweet. Two small utility companies are set to pay for energy that Enron will never deliver under the auspices of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Along with the the free $50 million will come other Enron treats, including an agreement that the feds will not investigate claims against Enron for manipulating energy prices. Why, the settlement might even allow the destruction of evidence needed for proving that Enron cheated customers. You could get distracted by the bothersome little details of the impact on the small utility companies and totally miss the romance.

I, for one, am thankful to know that Dubya still cares deeply for Kenny-Boy, even though they can't meet publicly.

I know that some of you are all a-twitter about what seems to be an outlandish working of the wheels of justice. How can this be? you ask.

It's all about contracts. Enron sold this fuel, and now it wants its money. For some reason the fact that it didn't follow through and deliver the actual fuel is moot. It would have liked to deliver the fuel, but whoops--it didn't stay in business. Its contract writers even had written in $167 million in contract termination fees for these very transactions, so you see the two utilities have gotten themselves a real bargain! Think of all the money they saved!

The entire Enron story has been a tale of undeclared passion and secret meetings all along. Dubya showed that he cared in so many ways: he fought against price caps on the price of electricity in California when Enron was artificially driving up the price of electricity by manipulating the supply. He gave Lay lots of say in the development of the administration's energy policy, and even replaced the chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission after he began to investigate Enron's finance schemes (I love it when he sticks up for his honey that way!!!) THEN he got his NSC staff to pressure India to buy a big ol' Enron power plant for $2.3 billion.

Sigh! I wish I had a staff to push countries around on behalf of my beloved! All I can do is wash the dishes n' pull weeds n' take her out to dinner now and then.

It's just a darned shame that not very many people are as romantic as I am. Some might even find this story offensive.

I pity them.

I read your entry.
Now I have a stomach ache.
Gee... I thought the picture alone would accomplish that!
Cute as all get out..

The article did turn my stomach. I suffered through the is a brownout? It was black in my fucking as coal when those friggin lights went out sometimes daily.

The depth of my hatred is only matched by the hugh guffaw I got from that pic.

hahahahahaha..finally put up the comment verfication thingy eh? It was just a matter of time till you got tired of those grand little get-rich schemes or hair loss remedys..
I was hoping for something nastier to trip my hand, but the secret shopper thing annoys me immensely, and I do sort of enjoy the little touch typing tests I take on yer blog, so I decided to give it a go.

Yeah, I am a California native, and my heart went out to my home state when y'all were going through the power stuff.

I continue to be amazed at the loyalty these jerks show each other. Clinton would've dropped a guy like this and never looked back.

But this is love, after all...
This just in... I'm now reading Greg Palast's book... guess who got to help choose members of the Reg Commission back in early Admin days?? That's right--Ken Lay!

Palast's book is amazing--very readable and full of stuff that you can't get anywhere else. Good old fashioned investigative reporting.
I need to get that book then..its going to be a long disabled summer for moi. The doc says at least two months of physical therapy..

this is good and bad of course..good I will get to read and blog alot..bad cuz I have to be home all the time and deal with the ball and chain..
But..I get to go to San Diego for the Democracy for America lovefest!!! I can't franken, the new tommy delay movie and lots of speakers..four days worth..
That'll be great (the Democ. fest, not the disability) Al is great. I listened to his book Lies and the Lying Liars on CD... full of good stuff, though, of course, infuriating.
Hey..a whole hour of Gore w/Charlie Rose on the 'net:
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