Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Coulter Fails Physical, Will Stick to Day Job

Publicists for Ann Coulter acknowledged today that she had failed her physical and would not be participating in the Women's World Wrestling Federation (WWWF) after all.

Coulter, it turns out, is biologically a man.

In an effort to make the most of her current noteriety, Coulter had indicated an interest in becoming part of the WWWF circuit. A source close to Coulter said that she had hoped to become a heavy leather favorite.

"Alas, it isn't to be," the same source disclosed. "When Ann emerged from her federation-required hormone, steroid, and drug testing sessions, she did so as a man."

The revelation came as no surprise to Coulter watchers, who had long been suspicious of an Adam's apple that Coulter's publicist had tried to explain away as a goiter.

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Wow, Norman! You're a regular James Joyce, only from Oregon. I do love a good reference to the Willamette.
This is a blatant case of discrimination against conservatives. Jackie Stallone is clearly a man, yet she enjoyed a profitable association with female wrestling.
Is Jackie a liberal?
I'm not quite sure. I think she relies on the psychic powers of her dog these days, and their political alignment has never seemed clear.
This is simply lovely Lulu..kudos dear..
Coulter is one of the few people I would love to punch in the mouth as hard as I can.
Well, Sister, I can only hope that Jackie's dog is not in league with the Prince of Lies, and therefore a liberal...
i googled her when i did my post on her and she has a bigger adams apple than icabod crane's cartoon picture..and my goddess, the hands on him...uh it...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The author of the comment, not the author of the blog, I hasten to add. I don't delete comments, even from idiots.
This is all you can do is attack people who critisize your 'types'.
Idiot applies.
It's interesting to visit FTGF's blog... He has a banner, but no posts.

Lights on, nobody home.

ps You misspelled criticize--big surprise.
shit, ahh you got me!
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