Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Can I Get a Witness? A Rummy Retro

Upon hearing the news that Rummy has ordered all the press from Guantanamo, I found myself contemplating this dynamic public servant. What better way to pay tribute to this chicken hawk than to do a little photo rectal-spective of the thrilling photo-ops he's provided the American People with all these years?!

Here we find Rummy casting a whammy on dissident generals, estimating the size of his penis, and showing his junior high speech coach that he has never stopped recognizing the importance of Meaningful Hand Signals in making his Point. I shiver in awe!

You make those lies come alive, Rummy! You da bomb!

Thank God I didn't see this early in the morning-I woulda hurled. Why does he so resemble a "Life in Hell" cartoon?
Good question! I think that Matt Groening probably had a really creepy public speaking teacher in a tender, formative phase.
God..give me quit laughing my ass off..
Rummy clearly belongs in the Harry Potter series as a super villain.
He's one of the most animated dark creatures in the world today.
Just the sight of him makes my gag reflexes start to work.
Doncha love the greasy combover???

Or is it so greasy that it just looks like a combover? Oh well... as above, so below.

After reading James Riesen's book on the CIA, I wonder if Rummy (and my own personal love slave, the Dick) aren't the evilest of the evil.
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