Wednesday, May 17, 2006


(Yawn) All the Little Mundanes in a List (which is in itself mundane)

When I was young, my friend Susi and I referred to them as mundanes: things and people we heard way too much about or experienced in proportion to their actual value.

1. Condoleezza Rice, whose tenure in the Dept. of State seems to consist of a lot of tea parties with cups full of air
2. The lag time between rumors of indictments (Karl Rove? Scooooter? Tom De Lay? Do I hear Dick Cheney?) and convictions
3. Tom and Katie, Brad and Angelina, the healing of Jennifer Aniston

4. Movies in which Tom Cruise has to run really fast
5. The Da Vinci Code industry
6. Pregnant celebrities
7. What a Regular Guy Tom Hanks is
8. Glam author photos on book jackets
(check out Danielle Steel in her hoop skirt for true hideousness)
9. Bill Frist: tiresome politician of the year
10. John Mc Cain: pimp to the Religious Right
11. Hillary Rodham Clinton: just cuz Bill said it was Your Turn doesn't mean you don't need a vision --and a backbone
12. The Mad Crush between Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush: ewww
13. Tax cuts
14. Being terrorized by the government with The Terrorist Threat
15. Harry Fucking Potter and the weight gain of each succeeding volume: JK Rowling is profound???
16. Test scores
17. Top 10 and Top 20, 50, 100 lists by major new weeklies and gossip mags
18. U.S. hegemony
19. Instant messaging
20. Cell phones
21. The mainstream media
22. The mistaken notion that #21 is a guardian of democracy rather than another corporate structure
23. American Idol : they all over sing
24. Donald Trump, in any context
25. David Letterman, just for the way he straightens his coat during his monologue
26. Colorado Springs and the creepy Christians who live there
27. Politicians cowering before the Christian Right
28. Parents who don't want to parent
29. Transgendered men to women who retain their sense of male entitlement
30. Society news
31. Bono: he was cool till he started hanging out with scumbags
32. Oprah: I'm exhausted from the inspiration
33. Harold Bloom, America's house intellectual
34. The American sense of entitlement to the planet's resources
35. Judging Dubya by the price of gas
36. Sears
37. Little keychain plastic retailer tags
38. Lou Dobbs
39. Harrison Ford
40. Howard Dean, especially after his appearance on the 700 Club (see pimp reference in #10)
41. Nancy Pelosi: what about the need to impeach don't you understand??

Holy fuckamoly..damn good list..

speaking of mundane..mccartney is divorcing whats-her-name..and she had the nads to say they "dont" have a prenup to a reporter..can you say money-grubbing hussey?

just thought I would share :P
Oh noooo... I hate to admit it, but I am really fond of Sir Paul... he comes across as a real honey. Anyone who could write whimsical songs like "Honey Pie" and "When I'm 64" is special to me.
I know..he is a wonderful piece of my youth..and we grew old together..although he IS older :P

His one legged vixen is calling it quits.I don't follow enough to know who is dumping who.
I sorta like J.K. Rowling.
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