Wednesday, May 24, 2006


We'll Sooner Find Jimmy Hoffa

It isn't easy waiting for things: for Christmas, for graduation, or the end of acne as we know it, or the next paycheck in a particularly long month.

Today I thought perhaps I'd missed it, or missed the official letdown. I Googled "Rove indictment," hoping that some word had arrived. I was shown the way to TruthOut, which got my hopes up in the first place. Nada. No news is ... devastating, let's face it.

It occurs to me that Rove himself, the smug, sadistic bastard, may have started this rumor. Wouldn't it be fun to watch the bloggers spread the news with glee, then watch the wrinkles and nipples slowly appear on the deflating balloon of hope?

Dumbya would have pardoned him, anyway.

I for one will not give up hope. Fitz is notoriously slow and methodical..which is a good thing because...

The repubes could be out of office by the time these asshats get to pardon for you!
I still have hope.
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