Monday, May 01, 2006


A Pink Slip for Clyde?

Poor Bill Frist. Our latest presidential wanna-be thought that he had a real winner in the hundred dollar consolation prize for high oil prices. The forces of compassionate conservatism were going to give our hapless citizens $100 in some form--a rebate? a packet of ride coupons to Disneyworld? junk bonds? a gallon of gas! to suck up to voters before the mid-term elections.

Turns out that the idea is repugnant to Repugnicans, who see the goodie as socialism, and to Democrats, who see the idea as an effort to distract Americans from the wretched excesses of the tragedy of errors that have gripped the nation from the administration's terrorist program. (That's the one in which the government terrorizes its citizens with the threat of another terror attack, which it invites daily by underfunding the programs that would protect our principal targets and invading countries which have no stake in the terror threat.)

Frist is said to have presidential ambitions. I can only say that after eight years of Bonzo Bush, the mug above, with its Marcus Welby, MD pretensions (remember his video "diagnosis" of Terry Schiavo?) would be more than I could bear.

What a pompous ass.

hey hi ho lulu maude

the buzz i heard about the Republicans' nifty high-gas-price rebate was that we'd all get $100 coupons, and in exchange and out of popular gratitude, we'd let the Bush Administration's oil industry cronies do a Teapot Dome violation number on the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve.

let's face it: caribou are in league with the terrorists. that's why they aren't willingly sacrificing their lives to make America less dependent on terrorist oil.

in other business, thanks for the comment on Vleeptron, introducing me to a New Candy, and maybe could ya send me yer e-mail addie -- mine's -- cause i wanted to write ya some boring stuff of no possible interest to a mass audience.

bob di vleeptron
Great! I love yer stuff.
That lousy hundred bucks would be welcome if it came from anyone but this band of arrogant criminals who think we are so dumb they can buy our midterm votes for a C note.
Not to mention our budget deficit being way too high to afford them the luxury of passing out tons of $100 vouchers (or whatever).
Bill Frist looks like Ichabod Crane pointing out that chickenshit trinket he's holding.
He's a prick.
Jesus.I love that degrading pic of Billy rocks..
Yeah.. Frist isn't someone who needs Photoshopping... he does his own.
Hey..the nuke guy is putting up a noble fight on my blog..come play :P
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