Sunday, May 21, 2006


Holy Alliances

Following the example of Dick Cheney, whose prayer marathon has restored the fortunes of Karl Rove and the chances for a Republican majority in the fall elections, John McCain has adopted a new look with the souvenirs given to him by Jerry Falwell after his commencement address at Liberty University.

"It certainly can't hurt, if the Vice President is any example," McCain told supporters recently.

McCain has become so fond of the camo-ducks that he is introducing a bill into the Senate to make the little fellows available to the troops in Iraq, as well as to day care centers in the inner cities. He is said to bathe with them daily.

When asked if the cap was impairing his vision, McCain replied, "I do not so much think of my vision as impaired as my perspective as having changed."

I hate that sumbitch. I loved what the grad did to him at the New School however..did you read her letter on HuffPo about why she did it and how it freaked her out?
McCain may be setting himself up to be the next president, but he jumped the shark at Liberty U.
Great closing line! And all too plausible, alas.

Categorical Aperitif
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