Friday, May 19, 2006


He'll Fit Right In

Let's bag the confirmation hearings and move to accept the nomination of Michael Hayden as the new director of the CIA.

There was some (you should pardon the expression) pussy-footing around the "resignation" of Porter Goss during yesterday's hearings. Of course, Hayden attempted a little dance of his own, as if Goss hadn't been booted, the better to save any Republican face in the crowd.

This photo says it all: why shouldn't the President share intelligence with a person whose intelligence matches his own? It's important for the President to enjoy a comfortable working relationship with someone whose style is recognizable to him.


Is this photoshopped?
Nope--wasn't necessary. Amazing, no?
o holy shit..I love it then even more..what a fucking maroon. I heart that photographer!
He looks like Elmer Fudd as a baby.
It takes some brains to make it to general. I wonder what they do when they change over. Does the outgoing person play jokes on the incoming? Like hide the keys to important file cabinets and stuff? Make up secret programs that don't really exist?
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