Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Cheney Gets Right with God, Saves Rove?

In compliance with the government's new Praise the Lord Full Disclosure Act, transcripts of Dick Cheney's prayer marathon were released today.

Of particular note was a section revealing Cheney's hard bargaining with the Creator of Heaven and Earth for Karl Rove's plushy white ass.

The Lord, who is exempt from having to publish His replies, offered no comment.

Cheney is nodding off more than Pope John Paul during his rapid decline.
Someone slip some crank into his morning Sanka. We didn't elect a sleepyheaded slacker to run our country.
We didn't elect him at all... either time.
That worthless piece of bat shit needs to take a 3 year long nap..in prison orange.
I know.
I was being glib.
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