Saturday, May 27, 2006


Bush's Brain's Brain

Rumored to be off hatching a story that would confound a grand jury, Karl Rove and Bob Novak were glimpsed recently in a popular D.C. nightspot with Rove's personal political consultant, Happy Bunny.

"It's all about me," declared Happy Bunny, before retreating from the potentially damaging statement with an invitation to "kiss me on the pooper."

"I coined that phrase," Rove said quickly. "Every idea he's gotten, he's gotten from me."

Novak refused to comment, but it was clear that the consultation was going badly.
"Rove's full of ideas," commented Bunny. "They suck, and it's sad."

Remember that old tune.."our day will come"..

I keeping thinking of that each time I see or hear the name Karl Rove. And I hope Novak gets hosed in the process.
He ought to. I can't imagine why he hasn't been given a legal wedgie for his role in all this...
WTF does that button on Krazy Karl's lapel say?
"I'm a source, not a target."
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