Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Be the First in Your Neighborhood

Just out is THE comprehensive volume on Dick Cheney. Below are some haiku (senryu, actually) from this promising new tome...

We like to hunt quail
I thought your face was feathers
So sorry blood beak

I am pretty sure
(Buckshot blood snickers bad press)
It was not a bird

I am loved by George
George has served me loyally
So glad I picked him

Includes the special bonus section, 7 People Would Could Replace Cheney and Be Just as Evil.

I have never understood how this type of poetry works..I think I slept thru that part of class..but I like it :P
SHit, I forgot what I came over to tell you..
Kevin Phillips is now part of Talking Points Memo..he has a blogline..
Dusty--It's a Japanese form:
first line has five syllables
second line has seven syllables
third line has five syllables

haiku usually focuses on a subject of nature
senryu is about the affairs of humans
p.s. it is the first section of a longer form called tanka, which has an additional two lines that cap off the haiku: another line of seven syllables, and then another line of five syllables.

It was a popular game among poets. The first poet would write the haiku, and the second would cap it off with the last two lines.

It could be fun to have a cyber tanka fest sometime... like when Rove is indicted. Something for the occasion!
Oh fuck yeah! We must do that..I will do it on my blog..I am sure KZ will participate as well..a groundswell of tanka!!!

did you go and read Kevin Phillips piece yet?
So it turns out I am a senryuist and not a haikuist?
Damn you and your smartliness!
If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullshit!
Thats always been my motto Lulu..
I just got around to checking the link in your post..I love it! and blogrolled it.
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