Sunday, May 14, 2006


Attention, PSP

It's been too long. Princess Sparkle Pony hasn't posted since last Thursday. I'm having withdrawals.

Are you sick, your highness? Experiencing burn out? Parakeet fever? My finely tuned nervous system is experiencing atmospheric interference in your direction. What's wrong?

I offer this up for your healing: the ugliest matching chair shot in Condilirious Hysterity. Just two gals, a couple of spotlights, and the Ramada Inn. No arms. No flower arrangement. Keys under the chair. A water bottle. Are those cigarettes? Has Laura urged Condi into another of her bad habits? The carpet alone should cheer you.

There. Now get well and come home to us.

Your devoted

I get woozy when PSP doesn't post.
Yup--he makes me laugh in an aerobic way.
Good god..he would die if he saw this pic..PSP has been taking alot of time off recently hasn't he?
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