Thursday, May 04, 2006


$6.88 a Gallon, You Sissy Americans

By COLLEEN BARRY AP Business Writer © 2006 The Associated Press

Millions of cars have filled Italy's toll highways for the past three weekends, causing snarls and jams as city-dwellers returned from a bountiful season of holidays _ showing that Italian motorists, at least, haven't been deterred by rising gas prices.

The nation's highways operator says traffic was up by some 700,000 vehicles from a year earlier, to 45.3 million from April 10-May 1, a period spanning three long weekends. All this traffic despite pressure at the gas pumps, where prices have risen 12 percent over the last four months, to 1.37 euros for a liter of unleaded gas, or around $6.88 a gallon.

Whoa, aren't we a whiney bunch! Who'da thought the Italians were capable of such stoicism?!?!?!

Of course, there are a few grumblers even among a great people like the Italians...

I would be curious to know how much of that price is taxes..
Europeans pay so much for gas because their governments try to discourage massive consumption by severely taxing gas.
They also drive tiny clown cars.
As far as I know, Italy is not full of refineries, so they must have to import nearly all their oil.
I live in Texas, where there's fucking oil bubbling out of the ground in some spots.
The Gulf Coast is lined with refineries, just a few hundred miles from me.
There's no excuse for gas prices tripling since Bush took office.
We ain't no fuckin' Europeans, This is Texas. We oughtta get free gas, just for tolerating the ridiculous summer weather.
Awwww... texas has great solar potential, n'est pas?? I'm writing this from Florida, where I'm attending a reunion of rescued little dogs... you know, the ones that get all dressed up by their mommies. It's going to be like being in "Best of Show." I wish Sparkle Pony could be here!
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Ah, Lulu!
Now you know why the rest of us have that gibberish panel at the bottom of our comments box where you have to type in a special code to keep away assholes like this huckster above.
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