Sunday, April 30, 2006


Waiting It Out

Virgil and Marie Hoggenbirth and their children, fearful of terror attacks and unable to meet the cost of keeping their Humvee fueled up, are planning to spend the remainder of the war on terror in their bomb shelter.

"We were driving around in the Hummer," said Virgil. "We figured that we were safe from the terrorists as long as we were on the go. It's harder to hit a moving target. But dang it, we ran out of gas, so we decided to go under, literally."

The shelter, built in the 50s, came with the house that they bought in Topeka last year.

"This is a sensible solution," said Virgil as he climbed in for what he imagined could be a "fair number of years."

"I'm hopin' that by the time we get out, Virgil Jr. here will be through adolescence, and America will have returned to its unquestioned supremacy in the world."

"In the meantime the cost of livin' is through the roof, and we're probably better off down here."

Ah..but let the Repubes tell it and we are all in tall cotton..funny how their view is so much different than reality..and they call us the dreamers.
Loved the photo. That corrugated tin is a known safeguard against newkewler missiles.
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