Friday, April 07, 2006


Republican Poetry Slam

Sure, it seems like a contradiction in terms, but visit Dusty's It's My Right to Be Left of Center, and you can't help but be inspired by her ode to Tom "Bug-Man" Delay. There is such a thing as Republican poetry.

On top of that, April is National Poetry Month, and as a retired English teacher, it's probably my duty to take a cue from Dusty and get off my duff, poetically speaking.

I'll stick in the limerick I wrote in response to Dusty's poem and encourage her to add hers here... along with any that you may be inspired to add. (Karen Zipdrive, queen of the political haiku, which I guess makes it actually a senryu, this especially means you.)

From time to time I'll attempt other forms all through April... God help us all.

Okay, here goes.

They used to call Tom the Hammer

For making his enemies stammer
and then he went daft
with greed and with graft
Now Hammer is bound for the slammer.

Et tu, Brute?

I gotta get in the mood. I swear I will this weekend. Its been a long week.
As Tommy sits in his prison cell
Now known as his personal living hell
He talks to himself in a very low voice
Wondering if all the lefties now rejoice

Tommy quickly fell from grace
Which is a good thing for the human race

Now we need to remove George Bush
And watch Bubba give it to him in the tush.
Positively uplifting, Dusty! Thanks to you and your muse.
My muse has tired was a long march today Ms. Lulu..but we also had the cofounder of the UFW with us on her birthday..Dolores Huerta. I felt so awed by seeing this woman of 76 marching with us,knowing what she went through to unionize farm workers in the 60's and 70's.
Bless you for your perfect meter.
As you wish, Princess Buttercup:

Poor, poor Tom DeLay
Caught in so many scandals
Abramoff seems dull

Hi, I'm Tom DeLay
Was everywhere, yesterday
Now I'm Nowhere Man

Tom DeLay's mugshot
Smiling like an old jackal
Wait 'til slammertime

Yo, yo, who be you?
The convict asked new priz'ner
Tom, yo ass be's mine

Loathesome Tom DeLay
God may still love you, creep
But I don't, fucker.
That doesn't rhyme..did I miss something? I gotta quit reading blogs at 2am..
Haiku is a Japanese unrhymed form of poetry with three lines containing five, seven and five syllables respectively:

Haiku doesn't rhyme
But it gets right to the point
Really, really fast.
Actually, the term for 5-7-5's that are about the follies of humanity is senryu. Haiku's for nature snapshots, poetry style. And no, they don't rhyme. They are a form from Japanese poetry.
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