Monday, April 17, 2006


His Will Be Done

Following in the steps of Christian martyrs everywhere, Tom DeLay, following the orders of his God, has given up his powerful congressional seat in order to fulfill a "politico-religious mission."

"If you stand up today and acknowledge God, they will try to destroy you," he said, referring to his legal troubles. DeLay suggests that his legal salvation is linked to the salvation of the Republican Party and of Christianity itself.

We shouldn't be surprised. DeLay won't be the first right-winger to get lots of donations from true believers to help him fulfill his mission, which according to his pastor Rick Scarborough is "to represent righteousness in government." What better gig could there be than to run from pulpit to pulpit with the"message" that he is being persecuted for his beliefs? The collection plates can be dumped right into his defense fund.

DeLay understands our skepticism. "When faced with the truth, the truth hurts. It is human nature not to face that. People hate the messenger. That's why they killed Christ."

Maybe he can intern with Fred Phelps.

If I ever decided to become a career criminal, I'm gonna first make sure my public, vocal Christian bona fides are in order.
Yeah... that's the trick. The article from which this came discussed also DeLay's drinking, and guess what? Here's another alcoholic without a program. Jesus takes all the booze away and the alcoholic never has to make the moral inventory. AA's anonymity can't be exploited by politicians, but born-again Christianity can.

Ugh, ugh, and ugh.
I agree.
Without a program, Jesus can't change the warped thinking that leads people to alcohol or drug addiction.
Dry drunks are just as dangerous as active drunks- they just drive better.
The fourth and fifth steps aren't in the Bible, but they are vital to recovery from addiction.
Bush and DeLay both need 90/90s.
Damn good photoshop Ms.Lulu!!! And a wonderful assessment of Tommy's warped view of the works however doesn't it? If those latenight evangelists can scam folks, why not Tommy?

Wonder if it will pay better than lobbying? Of course, if he gets convicted he wont be able to lobby, so maybe this is his ace in the hole.
Oooh. Which hole is that?!?!
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