Saturday, April 08, 2006


Divine Mercy

Jesus Christ issued a blanket pardon to George W. Bush today for his errors of the last three years, saying, "Whatever he does is A-okay with me."

Jesus, who has shied away from politics in recent years, decided to come forth and support the one he referred to as "My main man on the geopolitical scene."

"George is right. The Constitution is just a goddam piece of paper," declared the Prince of Peace in a press release distributed by Scott
Mc Clellan. "I asked him to invade Iraq, and he did. Instead of just offering up one son, as Abraham did Isaac, George has forked over 2,000 sons and daughters. I couldn't be more flattered."

With the Supreme Court newly packed with pious justices, Jesus indicated that just one more appointment would turn the U.S. into the New Jerusalem that it was always intended to be.

"Perhaps a nice avian flu will do the trick by summer," he mused.

According to the release, the Lord is especially interested in Justice David Souter going to his just reward.

He declined to comment on the fate of Tom DeLay. "I am moving in mysterious ways there."

I did a post on a forum I belong to recently about the religious right and jesus christ in a thong, did I get roasted by a few nutjobs..god love em :P
This crowd of Jesus Freaks we have running things is horrible PR for JC.
I wish he'd smite the fuck out of them.
With a large bat KZ..that would really make my day :)
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