Sunday, April 23, 2006


American Theocracy

I haven't written lately because I'm deep in Kevin Phillips' American Theocracy, a vast and important book that lays out these times in a historical perspective that goes all the way back to our beginnings.

All I can say right now is Yikes. The Christian Right has long been assembling itself from its radical religious beginnings, which are like ever increasing tributaries derived from other streams. (Or, for us older folks, ever branching varicose veins on the big nasty leg of society).

Phillips' research goes in a variety of directions: historical, social, theological, economic, political. These disillusioned Republicans have lots of energy to place into study once the thrill is gone. I remember being similarly amazed with John Dean's Worse Than Watergate a couple of months back.

More soon. Gotta get back to the book.

I had to stop reading books like that after I read "Pigs at the Trough" by Arrianna Huffington.
I'm already angry enough.
I like this one. I like the examination of the relationship between energy and hegemony. We've looked at the Dutch, the English, and the Americans and their rise as powerful forces by the energy they cultivated. One thing's certain: America won't last much longer if it doesn't get going on the energy question.

You miss Clinton. I miss Al Gore.
I too miss big Al..and I also miss Clinton but not as much as Big Al.

You realize that Kevin is one of the founding fathers of modern conservatism right? for him to be disgusted with this current crop of morons..says volumes about the direction the repubes have taken..
Yep... like John Dean, his disappointment has to be sharper than ours, since we didn't expect much in the first place.
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