Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Talkin' Dynasty

In response to recent Bush Dynasty chatter President Bush has slipped away for a series of crown jewel fittings.

Piggybacking on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's shoe shopping excursions, the President has been glimpsed at Cartier's and Tiffany's, looking for the headgear that will add to his mystique.

Rumor has it that Bush's shopping has been serving double purposes-- he has also doing a little advance Rapture shopping, since when Christ returns to earth, the righteous will be fitted with golden crowns before they are swept to glory. "He wanted to have a chance to try on a couple for size before the big day," one insider confided.

Bush has not decided whether to bequeath the presidency to Jenna or Barbara, should the Rapture be unexpectedly delayed.

Bush seems to have picked out a platinum tiara. It must be his starter crown.
I hope he puts in Jenna to replace him.
She has that same goofy grin and her daddy's lack of intellectual prowess, not to mention his fondness for booze and drugs.
I thought both the girls were into booze and drugs?
Its a family affair...sung to the sly stone song..
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