Saturday, March 11, 2006


Mrs. Cheney Presents

Standing by her man, Second Lady Lynne Cheney is lending her talents to the Dick's new role in adding to the quality of life of a Wal*Mart associate.

"Once the Dick donned the Bag, I knew that I had to pitch in and make a statement for the empowerment of women," La Belle Cheney declared.

In addition to her inspirational role to the women associates of Wal*Mart, Mrs. Cheney is negotiating a signature line of apparel for the chain. Featuring her own designs, the ensembles will be stitched by Burmese political prisoners working 20-hour days.

And they really should have given her a Bag...

Well well you have reached a new high (or is it low) here...

I don't know whether to send people here or throw up...

( hey do they get a copy of her "sisters" book with that apparel ?)

( so where is the Stitching?....never mind I don't want to know)

hhehehhehehehheh..[[ ]] [[ ]] <<< that is Clapping.
Oh, my!
jesus christ in a thong..I am speechless.

I think that image has burned my retinas.

But I love your dialogue!
Great work! I don't see why Lynne has hid her light under a bushel for so long. Don't you think that if more people were aware of Mrs. Cheney's pulchritudinous charms, her husband could shoot anybody in the face and still enjoy favorability ratings somewhere in the 65% range?
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