Wednesday, March 22, 2006


The Lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat

The State Department has been abuzz about the "new" Condoleezza Rice who returned from a recent whirlwind trip that included several stops in South America.

"I can't believe she's the same woman," remarked one aide. "She's so... bubbly."

Staff members who traveled with her say that the big change came in Bolivia when President Evo Morales presented her with a charango, a native instrument which looks like a cross between a ukulele and a mandolin. The Secretary, an accomplished musician, was captivated by the gift, which featured real coca leaves as part of the ornamentation. While U.S. officials were checking on whether or not Ms. Rice could bring the instrument into the United States, the Secretary slipped it into her diplomatic pouch, which she guarded zealously for the rest of her journey.

Since returning to Washington, Ms Rice has adopted a new style. "She wants me to call her Condi-ho. She sits on my desk and giggles and asks me go shopping in Little Havana. How'm I supposed to respond to that? Do you think I should go?" wondered a member of the secretarial pool.

Ms. Rice's constant companion is the diplomatic pouch, to which she has added other items in addition to the charango. She wants to "jam" in Cabinet meetings. She has asked Morales to supply her with an instructor.

"She's determined to master this instrument," remarked an aide. "Her intensity would be frightening if she weren't so damned happy all the time."

Jesus..this was hysterical..and I really really needed a laugh today..thanks LuLu..
Seems Condi chewed the leaves off her charango. I just hope she saved some for W. He loves charango leaves.
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