Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Dicks Gone Wild!

Our favorite Dick dropped off the radar screen for a couple of days, but at last we've found him again, kicking up a little dust on a decidedly early spring break.

"Dick is definitely up to party," proclaimed Janey Winterbottom, Dick's pal in the photo. "I can't believe how many Long Island iced teas the guy can hold without puking."

Fortunately, Dick's current political might provides him with a driver, so those DUIs aren't piling up anymore. And he is going around town unarmed, to the relief of his fellow revelers.

"We just want to get his boss to join us, too... I want my very own nickname," said Winterbottom. "He's also got the keys to Dick's handcuffs."

According to Cheney, "I have no boss."

Thanks for making me spit water on my monitor.
I don't know why but the song
"Where the boys are" just went thru my mind.
the one by Connie Francis..
Is there any other?
I think some dipshit did a remake of it..like britney friggin spears on some nonsense...I should of known you would know.
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