Sunday, March 05, 2006


Camel Hump Mountain

"That aftershave! You're sweeter than the desert breezes at sunset."

"Cain't wait to get you out to the bunkhouse. Whatcha got under those skirts, hmm?"

"Hmmmm. Want to find out?"

"'D'ja bring the lubes?"

"I'll always bring the lubes."

"Mmmmmm. Let me hear you say forever. Even if we can't marry. Say it again, that you'll always bring the lubes."

"Marriage is too base for what we have. I will always bring the lubes. And I will ride you like a camel in a sandstorm!"

"I wish I knew how to quit you!"

"You will never quit me. You will never know how."

OMG you're getting so good at photoshop, that crush I had on you in 1975 is starting to throb again.
Aw, you're just titillated by all that desert heat.
You are getting very good Ms.LuLu. It's a joy to saunter over here daily and check out your work. The story lines are good too :)
No, I think it might be that naughty dialog you wrote.
"hmmm all tongue and no Dick..."
(sorry that was rude... I must leave here or I will be making rude comments all day ..)
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