Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Brokeback, Bankrupt Education

The trouble with an administration that panders to the religious right is that it emboldens all the slimey little bigots in smaller power positions to perform equally nasty work. Thus under Ronald Reagan the Ku Klux Klan was emboldened to burn churches, and under George W. Bush the moral pipsqueaks have expelled Brandon Flyte from West Linn High School.

His offense? Showing a video he'd made for a senior English project to a class after being told to remove a scene of two young men snuggling in bed, bare chested. The administration ordered him to remove the scene, but he showed it, anyway, only not to the English class, but to members of an interested science class.

In the manner of weasels everywhere, the administration hasn't actually expelled Brandon; it has taken the slimy route of the "mandatory transfer" to a local community college.

Ultimately, Brandon may be happier in a college setting, but West Linn High School is the poorer for its loss of someone who is willing to take a compassionate stand on an issue that brings so much pain --and potential danger-- to high school students. The old argument, that students shouldn't be exposed to such issues, in this day of the Rainbow Party and other extracurricular pursuits, is ludicrous.

Even if the adults don't get it, the students often do.

Both Hoovers, Herbert and J. Edgar, would be proud of this bunch of close-minded prudes.
I am so fucking sick of this kind of crap being pushed upon the youth of america. I really thought this generation might not have to deal with it as I did..but its still there, the threats, the scare tactics..same shit different decade.
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