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In a stunning coup, retail giant Wal*Mart has retained the services of Vice President Dick Cheney in its new public relations campaign which will restore the reputation of the embattled firm. Cheney will not only lend the credibility of his office to Wal*Mart, he will serve as a creative consultant as well.

"I hope to do for Wal*Mart what I have done for the country," Cheney declared.

Cheney has wasted no time. In a bold move he has done away with the traditional Wal*Mart vest, replacing it with the version he is modeling here.

"With the savings from this simple fashion update, Wal*Mart will be in a position to improve its healthcare offerings to employees.

Savings will go to the Wal*Mart health employee plan, which will provide each associate with a Care Bag filled with wellness aids, such as Flintstone's Chewable Vitamins, rubbing alcohol, Equate aspirin, and antibacterial towlettes.

oh for the love of god..this is your best work to date!

The bag on Tricky Dick..its..its friggin awesome Ms. Maude!

I also love the care bag contents..their so wally world.
I'd like to see a woman modeling that lovely new WalMart uniform, please.
Care bag ...hahahahahaha.
You gotta love anyone who can post a piece that includes Deadeye Dick AND WalMart.
Well done, Lulu!
OMG you are so talented ....and I am so glad that I stumbled here from Dusty's ....

Hmmm, and Poetic Dusty stole my only decent snide remark- and she was so eloquent....

great blog...
You are a hidden treasure...
She's also a Leo, and flattery will get you anywhere with Ms. Lu.
I wonder if Tricky Dick is cold in that bag..his nutsack needs to shrink a tad..the man has one the size of texas.
Dusty I am NOT even going to ask how you became so ahem knowledgeable on such issues...
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