Friday, February 17, 2006


Selective Democracy...

...means never having to say you're sorry.

The Bush Administration and the state of Israel, having recoiled at the Hamas victory in the Palestinian elections, are now planning to withhold support in an attempt to destabilize the region. In order to do this, the Dynamic Duo will withhold traditional support to the Palestinian people. One Israeli official declared that it was time to put Palestine "on a diet."

Great message from these paragons of democracy: you didn't vote the way we wanted you to, so we're going to starve you out. Next time you'll vote the way you're told.

Once again we strut our ugly stuff on the global stage.

The news seems to contain a zillion disparate entries for the Asshole Olympics: Sunnis and Shiites bombing one another's sacred spaces; fanatics detonating themselves among the innocents. We Americans, of course, dominate many fields, snagging gold after gold for delusional democratization.

I listen to the news as I drive to work and shout, "Stop! Stop!" to no one in particular as I hear each travesty put on the public record. Why I still listen is beyond me.

The ravings of an erstwhile world citizen.

You know its all amazing..tricky dick was drunk when he capped whittington, bush wants to sell our ports to an Arab country that housed and bred some of the 911 hijackers..and now this crap about Palestine.lets not forget Chavez being threatened by Condi.

This pompous administration just keeps pulling crap daily..stay tuned.
Wake me up when it's over...
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