Sunday, February 26, 2006


Rove's New Strategy

If there's anything that's become passe, it's that tired old humor about Dick Cheney and his shotgun. Thank God we can move on. Quail, lawyers... who gives a rat's ass? What's important is what The Dick has to offer his country.

We have --who else?--Karl Rove to thank for moving things along. With his eye ever on the twin balls, sotospeak, of the man and his image, he has rehabilitated the Dickster. The pink tie having produced a storm of instant analysis, Cheney/Rove have forged a bold new direction. A quick call to Memphis, and voila!

There's no arguing with a sure-fire fashion statement: white to symbolize purity, spandex to... um... provide an accounting of sorts (1, 2...) the overall look to trigger a wave of untold sentiment and affection for a fallen hero. Ha-ha-hu!

Welcome back to the land of the living, Dick! No one can, um, dick around with you now!

And many happy returns, Sparkle.

Ooooh... nice use of "cameltoe Elvis"!
Thanks, Hiney. I do wonder where he tucked that other thang.
That's the best cameltoe I've seen in ages.
I believe Cheney left that other thang in Mr. Whittington's nether regions.
I think the neighbors called the cops when I screamed after seeing this, afterall I haven't had my coffee yet..but I am awake now!
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