Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Can't Hit a Moving Target

Say what you will about the Republicans, but Dubya's one strong suit is his loyalty to his teammates. It must hearken back to his cheerleading days at Yale, when those bully boys pulled together for the common good, like piling up for a pyramid at halftime, or a leading a locomotive during the frenzied final moments of the fourth quarter.

So despite any rumors you hear about the growing discontentment with what Bush refers to as "my government," and the Republican pressure to drop Cheney just before or just after the 2006 Congressional elections, (depending on who you're talking to), Bush has asked Karl Rove to create a series of alternatives to the current Cheney model, all the while maintaining the Dick's paterfamilias stature in His government. The idea here is that if one Cheney look won't do, we'll just keep re-inventing him and count on public amnesia to take care of the rest. He's going to be the Madonna of the administration.

Once the nasty questions about Elvis and pills and fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches start to surface, as surface they must, Rove's next strategy will be to invoke the Where-Everybody-Knows-Your-Name look.

Norm-ie has a lot to offer the Dick. His one-of-the-boys demeanor will erase some of that Loser Who Extinguished Lynne's Flaming Batons in a Mayo Jar aura that has clung to him since high school. The thick Normie curls will warm his head in winter and put women voters in the mood to run their fingers through them. The beer may remind a few people of that unfortunate Seasoning incident, but we think overall that since beer is such a Guy drink that he will broaden his NASCAR appeal. Add to that Norm's basic kindness to that paragon of the Postal Service, Cliff Claven, and you'll have someone who reaches out to the little people in government.

Rove may have a winner here, but should any questions arise about Norm's problematic employment history or indifference toward his wife, other incarnations lie just a little farther back in the Message Bin.

That's the funniest %$#&* thing I've seen all month!
Wait till Princess Sparkle Pony gets a gander!
I came back to get another laugh. I can just see you photoshopping your little brains out, like a little junior sparkle pony.
Yes, Sparkle has been a major inspiration. Making little pictures is a great antidote to the fundamental crabbiness with the political scene...has been weighing my words down. Her Highney Sparkle has set me free. I kneel before her throne.
In my aged ignorance, I thought it was a Frankie Fontaine reference.
...Hahaha ..thanks Lulu.
lol..Frankie Fontaine.

You hit the nail on the head every time.

Thanks be to jesus..er Princess Sparkle for getting you into the realm, they are all very good, I want to post them all, one a day.Instead I will just link to you, we all need a smile when we head out the door to deal with the masses.
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