Monday, January 23, 2006


It's All Right, Ma...

...We're only unemployed.

Another wave of news today from American auto manufacturers... now Ford gets to cut 30,000 jobs with relative impunity. Young Scion Bill Ford hits his mark to make the announcement and sound concerned about those who will have to live out his decision. On come the market analysts in the wake of the announcement to tell us what we already know: that Ford is top-heavy with executives; that the company ignored its competitors' shift to more fuel-efficient vehicles; that higher gas prices have effectively bombed the prospects for its product line.


And CEOs still get huge salaries for all the crappy decisions they make.

One business writer described the management culture at Ford a snake pit: beset with the worst kind of back biting and sabotage. Analysts have told company officials that Ford needed to overhaul itself for years.

So now the company will start to innovate, or so it says. Of course, in order to do this, it has to terminate all the workers who have come to depend on its salaries and benefits.

Kiss that social contract goodbye.

The American people have long forgotten how unions came to be powerful. The lesson has been forgotten so entirely that unions have lost their power. Americans have an American Idol complex: maybe I can be the next CEO... I don't need to unite with other workers to get a fair shake. Through hard work (and dissing my co-workers) I can rise to the top. This is the age of the diva.

Can I go to Hollywood now? Please?

In the meantime GM's and Ford's top execs can go on, their lives essentially unchanged. Ford tells his employees, "We all have to change and we all have to sacrifice, but I believe this is the path to winning."

It would be great to see the suits making sacrifices, but to them it means throwing blue collars into the volcano.

Sacrifices. That's a good one.

You're still a virgin, aren't you?

Gotta have virgins.

In Texas, giant Ford & Chevy trucks and SUVs were de rigueur, that is until gas started inching toward the $3 a gallon mark.
Now there are slashed prices and incessant TV ads from dealers trying to offload these beasts on still-goofy buyers.
Turns out, Joe and Mary Sixpack living in suburbia don't actually need a 2-ton truck or SUV to take little Joey to soccer practice.
In fact, something like a Subaru Outback works just fine for most of them.
American auto manufacturers like Ford are taking it in the chin for preying on the greed and insecurity of consumers.
Tough luck, jerks.
I know this is an old post, but I just found you so I have to comment..

The one that really drove pun intended...up the wall was the Bankruptcy Court approving all those Executive bonus' for American Airlines dipshits. The workers all got a paycut that will really hurt them, but god forbid the damn bastards at the top take a paycut of ANY type or size.

Ridiculous,absurb and so..american.
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