Monday, June 27, 2005


Armageddon, Schmarmageddon

I finally broke down and bought an air conditioner yesterday. I have long resisted them, trying to do my humble part to avoid further emissions from this little corner of the world. However, since moving to the third floor of my partner’s house, Maddie-dog and I have been reduced to panting lumps of animal-pulp. Hence the air conditioner.

It was so nice of the Bushies to own up to the reality of global warming, was it only last year? Their response: adjust to it. Gosh. Why didn’t I think of that? The leadership! The insight!

I often think that Bush’s complacency on the environment has a lot to do with his evangelical worldview. After all, if the whole planet is set to explode due to humanity’s fundamentally evil nature, visuals and sound effects courtesy of Rapture, Inc., why worry about little things like deformed froggies and the disappearance of entire species? Who cares about the interdependence of nature’s eco-webs? Seeing as how we're all basically evil, we can't expect to assume stewardship of this planet, anyway. Why not gun our engines at every stoplight, trade up for the next big-ass Humvee? It’ll all be over soon! If we just utter a few magic words and hate the right people, we get to go to heaven, anyway!

When you consider the end of the world (how many books are in the Left Behind series now?), there’s no reason to take care of anything. What the hell. Eat your Happy Meal. Toss the styros out the car window. Belch all the methane you can.

We’re going to see Jesus any day now. And He hates those faggot tree huggers.


Hi! This is my first visit to your blog. I've read all the posts on this first page. Very interesting! :)
I don't think Jesus hates anybody.
Well, except Michael Moore and Margret Sanger...
I think Jesus would probably like to hang out with the tree huggin'faggots.

At least he could drink faggot-harvested organic regional honey and mead prepared in aged oak casks imported from Jerusalem, then filtered through cheesecloth, not to mention the perfect summer ambrosia, served with a garnish of fresh bonsai mint with tiny orchid blossoms.
Plus you just know they'll have some excellent body oils for a luxurious foot rub.

Or, he could hang out with Bush, Rummy and Rove and see who could piss the farthest.
What a delightful post Miss Lulu! I saw the tongue bulging out of your cheek..

I posted that pic of Krazy Karl being hauled off by the cops and some dipshit thought it was real..and posted it along with a link to me lol..then someone told him in his comments section it was a photoshop..
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