Thursday, May 19, 2005


God, They're Good

The Bushies, I mean. You have to give them their due, especially Karl Rove, who never met a half-truth he didn’t exploit to its fullest advantage.

The Newsweek fiasco is a replay of the exclusive that brought Dan Rather down last year. Put a respected newsman together with a usually reliable source, season with just a gunpowder smidgen of doubt, and step away just in time for the explosion.

Just as Dubya blew off his National Guard service during the Viet Nam war, his administration has now turned a blind eye to the abuses of prisoners in both Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.

The Bush Administration recognizes only one sacred text, the Bible. Why sweat it if interrogators at Guantanamo kick the Koran around prisoner cages? If the flush story turns out to be inaccurate, (which we will never know for sure) there are still lots of dusty, dented Korans to be accounted for. If Dubya’s military file turns out to be forged (and we’ll never know whether or not it was, since only the question was raised,) the opinions of the commanding officer were accurately represented in it, this according to his daughter.

Besides, Dubya’s rationalization for any of his previous shortcomings is that ever-popular born-again trap door: he isn’t responsible for any of his actions prior to his salvation. As for actions since his re-birth as a Christian, God doesn’t mind a little Koran abuse. It’s the Wrong Book, anyway.

Norman Mailer’s piece in this week’s Huffington Post is right on the money. Start hammering at the press’s credibility, and Rove and Co. achieve two objectives: the creation of a new non-story to replace the original story, and false justification for why Dubya never reads the news in the first place. You just can’t trust the media.


You have to admit, these folks know their way around distortion as few do.

Phew-doo. Doo-doo.

Be sure to stand upwind.

Didn't anyone tell you? As part of America's transformation into a third world country, we will all be required to abide by the Christian rule of "do what you please as long as you pray about it later and add a few dollars to the basket". Check out the movie "Equilibrium" and see what could be the inevitable as long as Bush continues his reign and desicration of democracy.

"God" save us all....
great post..bush and the bush-leaguers drive me up a wall daily...makes me want to go postal ya know?
If the Bushies allowed and even encouraged prison guards to subject detainees to sadistic torture, how far fetched is it to think they'd prohibit them from desecrating the Koran?
I'll bet they used it as toilet paper just to aggravate their Islamic detainees.
I wish Jesus would come back and smite Bush in the head with a Bible on TV. That would be worth Pay Per View.
Pay a visit to my blog, "Stop the Republicans," and see what this country would look like if the Republicans has not been around to block the Democrat agenda for the past 150 years or so. They're evil.
Hi Ranger-- In the interest of fair play I went to your blog and read your history of the Republican Party. It's an interesting piece, but not entirely accurate because you omit the role that Democrats (not Southern) played in the civil rights era.
The Democratic party was long divided by its Southern constituency. It's interesting that most of those folks have since moved over to the Republican Party, which benefits from their stands against further civil rights advocacy for minorities and religious tolerance.
By the way, I was raised Republican (in Orange County, CA) and thought that I was from the party of Lincoln in being so. I watched those attitudes shift as I grew up. I was a nice little high school girl who was kicked out of the Teenage Republicans for asking too many questions.
If Pres. Nixon advocated a strong civil rights plank in the Repub. platform, he was nonetheless pretty uninterested in civil rights during his presidency. I remember those days very well.
But you probably know that. I notice that you don't allow comments on your blog. Are YOU its administrator who removed the comment?
It's okay. Get your point of view out there, but your unwillingness to allow other ideas in the comments speaks volumes.
I checked out the Lone Ranger's rant (which was cleverly disguised as an objectively-presented chronology of events).

Geez, there were a lot of things left out of it!

And of course the inability to leave a comment at his blog just mirrors the Republican party's desire to shut out any and all dissenting voices. That way, it looks like they have a "mandate"!
I think mandates are common with the GOP.
Media fraud and gay hooker Jeff Gannon/Guckert mandates closeted gay GOP chair Ken Mehlman, who mandated not so closeted Scott BootyBoy Mc Clellan, who doesn't mandate Karl Rove, he just flirts with him.

GOP Bloggers hate to allow comments- reality fucks with their goofy HeMan fantasies.
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