Thursday, April 28, 2005


Get Your Own Damn Vaseline

How embarrassing it is to admit that I even pay attention to the trial of Michael Jackson. But I do seem to get crazy when it comes to the thought of children being molested (such a mild term; in Spanish molestar means to bother). Now we have this show in which everyone comes off as demented, corrupted.

Even The Smoking Gun rings hollow. It was there a couple of years ago I read the actual court papers on the case involving the pathetic little King of Pop, smuggled out by some employee who didn’t think that $20 million was adequate recompense for the deeds that NAMBLA seems to think that the rest of us merely misunderstand. (It’s interesting that a visit to NAMBLA’s website doesn’t reveal any commentary, pro or con, on the current trial.)

Anyway, I stopped by The Smoking Gun yesterday to find its folks disdaining the latest revelation by Jackson’s prosecutor regarding some employee who was summoned to bring The King of Pop a jar of Vaseline one night, only to find him in an erect state and in the obvious throes of passion, with the previous victim in the background. TSG sniffed something about the baseness of such new revelations, even though the original document published years early was pretty explicit. Interesting to see where these folks draw their lines.

Well! Michael, if you don’t want these bothersome details to surface in any future trials, get your own damn Vaseline. Even with a raise, from $1700 to $3400 a month as part of your security detail, these folks aren’t to be trusted. It must be something to work for a piddling $1700 a month to secure Neverland (from what? Stalkers? Cops? Mommies and Daddies?), only to receive the “security!” call, to rush to your employer’s aid, only to be told to bring him a jar of Vaseline.

More helpful has been the mother of two of Jackson’s children, Debbie Rowe, who turned on the prosecutor who asked her to testify, only to declare that her interview on the video made in Jackson’s defense wasn’t coached. “Nobody tells me what to say.” She was supposedly coming to the aid of Michael and the children. It’s interesting that she isn’t allowed to see the children.

Wonder what her settlement was. Certainly more than $3400 a month.

Stephanie, I do hope you include E! TV's nightly reenactment of the trial. The actors they select are pretty dead on and it's extra creepy.
whatever her settlement couldnt be enough to give up your kids..i have no respect for that woman..she had to have known that mikie is a freakazoid of mythic purportions..did i spell that right?
Freakzoid? Of course!

Yep--she's one enabling woman. Unbelivable!

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